Is Your Vision Suffering from Cataract?

Gradual changes in vision can often go unnoticed if you do not have regular eye exams. If you are age 60 or older, your vision may be suffering from cataracts. However, you may be compensating for these vision changes or simply think that you have to live with inferior vision as you grow older.

At IDEAL EYE CARE & RETINA CENTRE we perform cataract surgery to help patients restore their clear vision. Cataract surgery is considered a safe and effective procedure when performed by an experienced doctor.

Many patients experience a quality of vision that is even better than before they developed cataracts due to the many advances in cataract surgery techniques and Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) options.

An eye exam will detect the presence and severity of cataracts. It is quite common to have cataracts but still be able to live your life without them affecting your day-to-day life. As they grow in size and opacity, they can make it more difficult to drive, read, work, participate in sports and do hobbies. It will be up to you to decide when you want to improve your vision – and your quality of life – through cataract surgery.

While some people may choose to never have surgery, this can lead to blindness. Untreated cataracts are the main cause of blindness worldwide.

If you have noticed that your vision is not as crisp as it used to be, contact us today to schedule an eye exam. If cataracts are to blame, we can monitor the progression and recommend treatment options if necessary.
What Are Cataract?

Cataracts are a normal occurrence in an aging eye. Your transparent eye lens begins to cloud over with the gradual build-up of naturally-occurring proteins in the eye. Instead of allowing light to enter properly, the cloudy lens creates a “foggy” appearance to everything you see.

This process does not happen overnight. It is typically a slow development that makes it increasingly difficult to see things clearly and perform daily tasks.

Symptoms of Cataract

While cataracts are typically associated with aging, they can also occur due to disease, injury, birth defect, or certain medications. Symptoms can include:

  • Hazy/blurry/cloudy vision
  • Glare and starbursts with night driving
  • The dull appearance of colors
  • Vision takes on a yellowish/brownish tint
  • Eye sensitivity to bright light
Cataract Evaluation

A cataract evaluation at IDEAL EYE CARE & RETINA CENTRE involves several pain-free tests to determine your eye health. These cataract tests are very important to identify the presence, severity and location of any cataracts that may be affecting your vision.

Cataract Tests
  • Visual acuity test to assess your distance and near vision
  • Refractive error measurement to determine your glasses prescription
  • Assessment of your lenses to determine the presence of any cataracts
  • Evaluation of your retinal health (back of the eye)
  • Eye pressure measurement to determine the presence of glaucoma
  • Review of your overall health

Depending on the outcome of these initial tests, our doctor requests additional tests if other eye issues are suspected.
The retinal examination requires that your eyes be dilated. Dilation is necessary for a complete examination of the retina. Your pupils can require up to 30 minutes to dilate. Since your pupils may remain dilated for a full day after your visit, we recommend that you bring sunglasses to reduce your sensitivity to light. Your ability to read will be temporarily decreased. We also recommend you have someone available to drive you home.

Get Your Cataract Questions Answered

We view the cataract evaluation as a two-way communication street. We will ask you questions about how your vision is interfering with your daily activities and we encourage you to ask any question you have about your condition and your treatment options. At IDEAL EYE CARE & RETINA CENTRE  we are committed to providing you with as much education as possible so you will be comfortable with your own informed decision about how to care for your eye health.

Cataract Treatment Ut

To replace natural lense with synthetic Intraocular lens is the treatment for cataract, which gives you near-normal vision without spectacles.
We offer multiple choices of IOL to enhance your visual acuity.
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