Healthy retina & what does retina do ?

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The retina is critical to your eyesight. It’s a thin tissue that borders the backside of the eye’s inner surface. Your retina includes light-sensitive cells that absorb information and transmit it to your brain via the optic nerve, allowing you to see.

What is the retina’s principal function?

Millions of cells in the retina work together to detect light, convert it into electrical impulses, and interact with the brain to generate vision. Cones and rods are the names given to these small photoreceptor cells. Cones and rods work together to let you distinguish between light and dark, as well as colours.

    • Cones

Cones are located in the macula, which is the core region of the retina. These cells allow you to view tiny details as well as colours. The macula is in charge of high-definition vision, which enables you to read and drive.


    • Rods

Rods are more dense at the retina’s outer margins. These cells are employed in peripheral vision and enable you to see in low-light conditions.

How can I tell if I have a retinal problem?

We examine and treat a variety of retinal diseases and illnesses at Ideal Eye Clinic. Many retinal problems can be detected during a routine eye exam before symptoms appear. Our retina doctors encourage annual eye examinations to discover retinal abnormalities early so that therapy may begin. As quickly as feasible

If you are suffering any of the symptoms listed, consult your eye doctor right away:

    • Floaters appear unexpectedly (small/large spots blocking your vision)
    • Light flashes in one or both eyes
    • Vision hazard
    • Gradual loss of peripheral (side) vision
    • a curtain-like shadow cast over your viewing field

What are the treatment options for a retinal injury or detachment?

Our objective at Ideal Eye Clinic is to prevent disease development and to protect, enhance, or restore your eyesight. Some disorders, such as a retinal rupture or detachment, are deemed urgent and require immediate treatment. If left untreated, you might lose your vision permanently or become blind. 

To heal retinal tears and detachments, the following techniques are available:


To avoid additional damage and retinal detachment, laser therapy can be used to patch retinal tears or holes.

Pneumatic retinopexy 

Is a kind of retinopexy that is performed with special air and gas combinations that can be injected into the eye to reconnect the retina in cases of minor retinal detachment. After the retina has been reinserted, a laser or freezing device is used to repair any retinal tears or splits and “tack” the retina into place.


A vitrectomy is a simple outpatient treatment that is done to restore a detached retina. A retina surgeon will remove the gel-like vitreous and replace it with a saline solution during vitrectomy. The removal of the vitreous removes any tugging on the retinal surface produced by vitreous gel fragments. Air or gas mixtures replace the fluid beneath the retina, allowing it to “float” back into place and re-attach. The combination is gradually absorbed and replaced by ocular fluid. Following the reattachment of the retina, the holes or rips that caused the separation can be sealed with a laser.

Scleral buckle

A scleral buckle is a flexible silicone band that is put around the eye and is frequently used in combination with vitrectomy. The scleral buckle supports the retina and alleviates tension on the retinal surface. These are normally left in the eye permanently and are well tolerated by patients.

Silicone lubricant

Silicone oil may be utilized to replace the vitreous in complicated retinal detachments to create long-term protection against re-detachment. The silicone oil is withdrawn after the retina has stabilized.


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